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Noise Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs with Noise Anxiety | Krazy For Pets

July 4th is only a week away and if you have a dog who’s scared of loud noises, this holiday could be the worse time of the year. It isn’t something you should ignore because the fear of loud noise could cause problems. The most common behaviors associated with noise anxiety are destructive and escape. […] more

Easy Way to Keep Your Dog Busy


I have 2 Yorkshire Terriers that constantly need attention. They fight for a spot on my lap. They want the exact piece of treat. Sam wants what Nike is having and vise versa. They, from time to time, drive me crazy and luckily I finally found the way to create some peace in the house. […] more

The Thundershirt Review

Krazy For Pets | Thundershirt

I had waited for a storm to come and it finally came this weekend. So I put the Thundershirt to test.  Sam, my 5 years old Yorkshire Terrier, is scared of thunder storms. I couldn’t be so sure what the cause was but my guess would be the noise of electronic devices in the house. […] more