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New Years Resolutions


First off, let me say that I’m so sorry I’ve been away for Christmas and couldn’t get to a blog post last week! I do hope, however, that you and your family have had a wonderful, peaceful holiday season and that like us, you’re excited for the new year to come. Of course, with the […] more

Cats and Christmas Trees


There’s something about Christmas that seems to bring out the naughtiness in even the most perfectly well-behaved cats. Get ready to wrap with your ribbon, scissors, tape, paper, and that perfect gift and immediately, you have a ball of fur ready to play sitting right on top the paper. Looking for new cookie recipes online? […] more

Traveling with Pets during Holiday Season.


Temperatures are falling quickly, many of us are dealing with freezing rain, ice, or blankets of snow, and of course, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. For many, this means winter travel to spend time with faraway family and friends. Today, we’ll bring you a winter travel guide for those of you who […] more

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas


If you haven’t taken a look through our store recently, you’ll find hundreds of brilliant gift ideas for your four-legged friends. However, if money’s tight this season or if you’re a seasoned crafter, or if you simply want to add a homemade treat to those stylish store-bought stocking stuffers, we’ve got you covered. This week, […] more

Trick or Treat Safety


First, let me say that trick-or-treating wasn’t my first idea for a blog post today. I’m writing from New England, in the almost unimaginable wake of Hurricane Sandy. We are still without power and water, but I know so many of you have been hit so much worse and remind you that countless thoughts and […] more

Barbecue Safety


Memorial Day and July 4th have passed, but that’s no reason not to continue to gather a few friends and make the most of a cool summer evening. There’s still plenty of time left in the season to have a big weekend brunch barbecue or even just to head outside on a weeknight for a […] more

Dangers & Tasty Homemade Alternatives for your Pet this Easter

Dangers and Tasty Homemade Alternatives for your Pet this Easter

Our pets are every bit as happy as we are now that Spring temperatures are finally here to stay and our Easter shopping and celebrations are in full swing, but it’s important to keep both their enjoyment and safety in mind as we continue decorating, planning, and packaging up our baskets for our two-legged loved […] more

Holiday Tips for Pet Owners

Holiday Tips for Pet Owners

Christmas and New Year are in our reach and of course there will be treats and toys involved in such holidays for our pets. So what do you do when you receive a gift for your pet? Inspect the gift to see if there are parts that can harm you pet. Look for any bits […] more