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Grumpy Cat’s Oder Eliminator Review


Let us be the first to say Happy New Year! We may be just slightly late with this wish, but we mean it just the same! This week, we’re so proud to bring you a review of a great new product: Grumpy Cat’s Odor Eliminator. The internet is absolutely awash with cats of all shapes […] more

KissAble Toothbrush & Toothpaste Combo Review

Kissable Toothbrush & Toothpaste combp

To supplement our feature post on Canine Dental Health Month, we’d like to provide a review of one of our dental health products especially made for dogs. We’re holding a promotion on The KissAble Toothbrush and Toothpaste Combo, on sale right now in the Krazy4Pets store! This specially formulated set is designed to keep your […] more

Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets Product Review


With snow and ice and slushy, melted messes just outside the door, it’s almost impossible to keep the floors clean from wet, messy paw prints and there’s nothing worse than watching your adorable dog shake off the cold right onto your freshly-cleaned floor. It’s an age-old question but this winter, there’s a great new solution: […] more

OllyDog Bottle Review

OllyDog - Lime

With the holiday gift-giving season nearly upon us, you might be wondering what to get the dog-lover in your life. If you’re like us, you probably have uncomfortable memories of seeing a friend or neighbor at a dog park or on a walk along your usual route, when suddenly, she pulls a bottle of water […] more

Dawg Pound Bags Review


Today, we’re reviewing biodegradable dog waste bags from Dawg Pound Bags. You can find the Dawg Pound at along with a full FAQ and explanation of their services and products. Each year, Americans throw away around 100 million (that’s 100,000,000!) plastic bags. As we know, these end up in our landfills and oceans (and […] more

Pet Dreams Review

Pet Dreams - Ortho-BLISS

Today, we’re reviewing the Classic Ortho-BLISS Memory Foam dog bed from Pet Dreams. You can find the Ortho-BLISS at this address: On reading the Pet Dreams page description for this classic bed, we found that it’s truly a great concept, a memory-foam mattress that does for our pups what the human-sized versions do for […] more

Freedom Grain Free

Blue Buffalo - Freedom

I have mixed feeling about Blue Buffalo because their products were voluntarily recalled once in the past. At the time it was their treats if I remember it correctly. Since then they have been pushing new products out to the market like crazy. About 3-4 years ago Blue Buffalo had only 4-5 recipes for both […] more

Who is Mr. Chewy?


The internet has made almost everything more accessible, not least of all information and products that we’d normally have to travel far and wide to find. One downside of having so much information available, however, is that it’s sometimes hard to easily find the products and services you’re looking for. Today, we try to make […] more

PrideBites – Dog Toy Review


There are lots of dog toys in the market these days but not so many last. Seeing an opportunity, four friends, inspired by their dogs, founded PrideBites to create toys that last through rough plays. They tailor their products for vigorous dogs. The outside of the toy is made of soft fleece, embroidered to show […] more

Book Review: Happy Dog Happy You


Title: Happy Dog Happy You Author: Arden Moore Type of Book: Pocket book/ Tips how to bond with your dog ISBN: 978-1-60342-032-7 Published Year: 2008 Publisher: Storey Listing Price: $10.95 I discovered Happy Dog Happy You through a post at and by a glance at the cover of the book I was interested to […] more

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